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Thanks very very much to Chelithium for translations.

Note: To uninstall system applications root permissions are required, and we do not provide root method.

We offer not only to remove applications from the system, but also to uninstall user applications, move applications to the SDCard, move to the phone, scan / install / delete apk in the SDCard, help guide for root.

Compare with other similar products, System Application Remover:

1, Sure, we filter all applications that can cause instability after uninstalling, tested on hundreds of devices, so it can be used safely, but we cannot claim that it is 100% safe because manufacturers can customize your device too much, Also, we make automatic backup copies of all uninstalled applications, so you can recover them in the recycle bin whenever you need it;
2, Of course, we classify every application in the system as [Can be Removed], [Must Maintain], [Main Module], so you can choose the application to be uninstalled clearly;
3, Easy, we offer a way to uninstall multiple applications in one step, making everything easier;
4, Small, we release all allocated memory while exiting applications, and applications may be smaller;

We never say that we are the best, but we will do everything possible to improve, we consider any comment or suggestion very helpful, please let me know through the comments in our application.

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