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what is testdpc?

Test DPC is an application specially designed to help EMMs, ISVs and OEMs to test their applications and platforms in an ‘Android for Work’ profile.

We all need help from time to time and developers are no exception. If you’re a developer, Test DPC is made especially for you. But what is it made of? How does it work? We will give you answers to these questions from now on.

It is an app created solely for developers or experts as it checks the capabilities of their applications on Android devices. In other words, note that the Android application we tested served the purpose for which it was created.

The design of this app was developed for EMM (Enterprise Mobility Management), OEM (Original Equipment Producer) and ISV (Independent Software Distributor). With Test DPC you can test your platforms and applications under the Android operating system. In this way, you can ensure the proper functioning of your mobile protection programs and systems.

Test DPC should be used with dummy data as recommended by the developers

For this purpose, a management channel with specific instructions is created. You can design an unlimited number of channels for any application. We have to take into account, however, that the same developers of this application, Test DPC, issued the warning that it should not be used with real data as it was created with the main aim of helping developers.

Make sure your application responds as you always imagined it to be when you developed it. Don’t make the mistake of others and make sure your app meets all the requirements to officially open it to the public. This test application will help you tweak some details and, if possible, make your great work even better.

Essential functions of Test DPC

Developers (whether experts or beginners) have benefited a lot from the features. Therefore we will name some of them below:

Organizations can run multiple tests within a defined set of guidelines.
You can manage and create restrictions for any software made for Android.
Users can design their own work profile.
You can create your own security administration record (including access, showing, and hiding applications).
Monitor data usage and keep track of data usage by other apps in a profile.
Create an individual profile with names, colors and widgets.
It’s completely free, but it’s worth noting that it cannot be used illegally.
As you can see, the Test DPC developed by Sample Developer is the most popular app for most developers of apps and games for mobile devices. It is completely free to download and the precision is really high. Don’t play it and check the EMM, OEM and ISV of your apps or business management programs.



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